Thursday, April 21, 2011

After A Short Break - Back To Cycle 1!

I am back on cycle 1 starting today. I took a short break - was sick with my chronic illness (Crohn's Disease) and working on getting myself better. Now that I have been feeling better for a good week now on my new medication it's time to get back on the wagon. I weighed in this morning at 187.2 (a total weight loss of 41.8 since I started this journey on Jan 17) and am anxious to see some more results.

I know when I originally started, I lost 11 pounds the first week. I don't expect to see such a drastic loss again but know the first week always provides the best results in any diet. I am ready to see my numbers continue to go down and am excited to be back on the wagon and continuing my journey.

I'll let you all know how it goes!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Newest progress photo

It's been so long since I've enjoyed showing off photos of myself. I took this last night around midnight so my hair could look better but I am continually amazed at how I look - and how I already need smaller jeans! People tell me all the time how skinny I look but when you see yourself everyday, you don't always see what they're referring to. Sometimes I still look in the mirror and see the fat version of me. 

I am feeling skinny but know I still have about 25 pounds left to go. I think I should set a start date for Cycle 1. My Crohns is still acting up and I am having a flare so it should be after I get that all sorted out. So, stay tuned because later this month, the adventures continues and restarts with Cycle 1 - exciting!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another 10 pounds down since my last post!

I have not posted in a month and in that month, I have lost another 10 pounds and am down to 189. I have officially lost 40 pounds and feel FANTASTIC. I still would like to lose about 25 more but I am really happy with my progress so far and how easy this lifestyle has been to stick with. I am now only about 5-7 pounds heavier than I was on my wedding day. It feels amazing to be able to go into a clothing store and try things on without leaving empty handed because nothing fit. Things fit and look good on me now - do you even know how good that feels?!? I can wear "normal" sizes again and am fitting into my old size 14 jeans!

I am still following the plan but a bit more liberally. I take weekends off - but even with that I don't go so far off plan that I go nuts. In reality I say I take weekends off but I am really still following plan. I am gearing up to start over with Cycle 1 (after a very extended Cycle 3) and am excited to get back into things whole hog so to speak. I love the energy I have and that I can now run around, play with and dance to silly songs with my 19 month old son. I can actually keep up with him and we play so much more now.

I can't say enough how great this feels. I love looking and feeling more like "me" again. Here is a new photo comparison of me:

I think I look like a totally different person now - and I love it!!!