Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Night time is the hardest

I did really well today and didn't feel all that hungry or tempted... until after the kids were in bed, I had eaten dinner and cleaned. Then, I wanted something sweet. I struggled with this and then decided to have a hershey kiss. One kiss and voila - craving gone. I know this won't work all the time but it worked today so that's a good thing. Of course, the night isn't over yet...

Here is my menu from today:

Day 2 weight: 171.8

B: greek yogurt
green tea
L: chicken lettuce wraps w/onion, pepper
green tea
S: 2 cuties
D: omelet w/onion, pepper, tomato
green tea
S: ½ cucumber

hershey kiss

My omelet looked more like scrambled eggs with veggies. How on earth do you make the omelet look good without breaking it or burning it? I have no idea and I consider myself a good cook. It was still good just not the best looking.

Tomorrow I have to get coffee back in the mix. I have been dragging a bit in the afternoon the past 2 days. I feel better and more energetic overall from eating more protein, eating better and staying hydrated but I am missing my caffeine. It's a good thing coffee is allowed! :)

Love the start to this diet

Today I am down 2.4 pounds! I love the start of the 17 day diet and how fast you see results if you follow the plan. If this happens again tomorrow, like it did last time I did this diet, I'll be back in the 160's tomorrow! I haven't been in the 160's since my husband and I started dating back in 2006. I am so excited about that and very excited to be getting closer to my first mini goal of 165 pounds which is only 6.8 pounds away!

Now... off to make my lunch of ground chicken lettuce wraps - YUM!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hard day but I did well!

It seemed harder this time or maybe I am just blocking out how hard it was 2 years ago. I ate enough and stayed on plan (aside form the 2 goldfish crackers and 1 hershey kiss I had) but still am having major junk food cravings today. Luckily we don't have much of anything in this house but it doesn't make things any easier.

I know I can do this, I did it 2 years ago and kept the weight off. I know it's possible and I know I do keep a lot of the eating habits as a part of my life (I did keep the weight off for 2 years) but damn. I've been in a horrible mood tonight because all I can think about is how much I want a beer and some cheese doritos.

On the plus side... it did feel good to go back to green tea with every meal and lots of water (12 glasses!) I did enjoy my meals and snacks. So.... to keep myself accountable, here is day 1:

Weight: 174.2
B: 2 eggs
green tea
S: apple
L: salad with ff ranch
green tea
S: 2 cuties
greek yogurt
S: cucumber and tomato salad (oil and vinegar)
D: Ground turkey with garlic, scallion & pepper
green tea

1 hershey kiss and 2 goldfish crackers

I made it through day 1 which always seems to be the hardest day of a new diet. Hopefully day 2 will be easier!

It begins again!

Took my official start weight for this go round and it was 174.2

As I sit here drinking my morning hot lemon water and getting ready to make breakfast (something I usually have a hard time with) I realize I am excited to start again. I am excited to lose more weight and get down to a healthy weight for me.

That's how you know you're ready - when you're excited :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Restart on Monday 4/29/13

My baby girl is 10 months old now and I have finally decided to restart my weight loss journey. As of right now, my weight is 176.4 which makes my total weight loss to date 52.6 pounds! This is from my original start date in January 2011 so it seems like not that much weight right? But in that time, I had another child so... I think that's awesome!

My new goal is to get down to 145 which means my new goal weight is a mere 31.4 pounds away. I CAN do this. I WILL do this.

I am excited to restart my journey because this diet has truly worked for me. Why am I waiting until Monday you ask? Easy... I need to re-read the book :)

In the meantime, here is my new before photo: