Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Night time is the hardest

I did really well today and didn't feel all that hungry or tempted... until after the kids were in bed, I had eaten dinner and cleaned. Then, I wanted something sweet. I struggled with this and then decided to have a hershey kiss. One kiss and voila - craving gone. I know this won't work all the time but it worked today so that's a good thing. Of course, the night isn't over yet...

Here is my menu from today:

Day 2 weight: 171.8

B: greek yogurt
green tea
L: chicken lettuce wraps w/onion, pepper
green tea
S: 2 cuties
D: omelet w/onion, pepper, tomato
green tea
S: ½ cucumber

hershey kiss

My omelet looked more like scrambled eggs with veggies. How on earth do you make the omelet look good without breaking it or burning it? I have no idea and I consider myself a good cook. It was still good just not the best looking.

Tomorrow I have to get coffee back in the mix. I have been dragging a bit in the afternoon the past 2 days. I feel better and more energetic overall from eating more protein, eating better and staying hydrated but I am missing my caffeine. It's a good thing coffee is allowed! :)

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