Thursday, May 2, 2013

Slight cheat yesterday

As can happen on any diet, sometimes life gets in the way. Last night a friend and I took our kids to Super Why Live and we had dinner beforehand. We went to a food court type area near the theater so there would be plenty of choices for the kids. Not ONE place had a salad option for me so... I went with the healthiest thing I could find, sushi. The only problem with it is the rice and avocado which is not on plan. When I got back to the table my friend had bought me a glass of white because she didn't want to drink alone (yes, very high class food court that had wine and beer - but no salad?! explain that one.)

So, here is yesterday's menu. Even with my cheat, I think I did well. I am also very proud of myself for not eating all the sushi or drinking all the wine. I stopped when I felt full.

Day 3: 171.4 (-2.8)

B: scrambled eggs with scallion & tomato, green tea
S: 1 grapefruit
L: Chicken lettuce wrap leftovers from yesterday, green tea
S: green tea
D: 1 ½ sushi rolls, ½ glass wine

Today's weight was 171.8 so I gained back .4 from yesterday's excursion but am still down 2.4 since Monday so I'll take it!

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