Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good day yesterday

I stayed on track yesterday and am very proud of myself. And, the scale went back in the right direction today, hooray!


Day 8: 172.4 (-1.8)
B: greek yogurt with peach, green tea
S: 2 mandarin oranges
L: Leftover ground chicken, green tea
D: 2 egg omelet with veggies, green tea

My weight this morning was: 170.6 (-3.6) so I am thinking... back in the 160's tomorrow. I kind of wish I hadn't screwed up my week but, really, I had a great time with a lot of awesome ladies. Life is always going to happen and you can't beat yourself up. One thing I have learned, an important thing, is that you can not let one instance be an excuse to then keep messing up your day. Enjoy your outing or your party or your dinner out with your spouse but do not use that as an excuse to then continue to eat horribly. Don't say "well, I already ate pizza and screwed up so... here, let's eat these chips, soda, candy now." Enjoy your day, your meal and then jump right back on the wagon. The key phrase, that we've ALL heard: everything in moderation! A diet or lifestyle change is never ever going to work if you don't allow yourself to enjoy things. It's not realistic that you'll never again have a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream.

Today is a new day and I have a good meal plan for the day. Let the 17 day diet commence - I love healthy eating! It's hard sometimes but I do love it. :)

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