Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good day!

I did well today and had no problem getting myself right back on track.

Day 4 Weight: 171.8 (-2.4)

B: greek yogurt, green tea
L: salad with chicken & ff ranch, green tea
S: 2 mandarin oranges
D: turkey chili with onions, peppers; green tea

Check out my salad! It was so yummy. I added a touch of hot sauce so it was like a buffalo chicken ranch salad. I forgot how much a serving of salad dressing actually was - it's a lot! It was such a beautiful day and I was thrilled to be able to sit on the porch and eat up while my son played on his swing set and in the sand box. Love enjoying the nice weather!

And then I made some awesome ground turkey chili for dinner. Ground turkey, tomatoes, onion, red bell pepper (would have liked green but only had a red), garlic and spices. I usually cut the veggies smaller but I was lazy tonight. 

A healthy eating day and I am full and satisfied. Bring on tomorrow with, hopefully, a little less of me!

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