Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another 10 pounds down since my last post!

I have not posted in a month and in that month, I have lost another 10 pounds and am down to 189. I have officially lost 40 pounds and feel FANTASTIC. I still would like to lose about 25 more but I am really happy with my progress so far and how easy this lifestyle has been to stick with. I am now only about 5-7 pounds heavier than I was on my wedding day. It feels amazing to be able to go into a clothing store and try things on without leaving empty handed because nothing fit. Things fit and look good on me now - do you even know how good that feels?!? I can wear "normal" sizes again and am fitting into my old size 14 jeans!

I am still following the plan but a bit more liberally. I take weekends off - but even with that I don't go so far off plan that I go nuts. In reality I say I take weekends off but I am really still following plan. I am gearing up to start over with Cycle 1 (after a very extended Cycle 3) and am excited to get back into things whole hog so to speak. I love the energy I have and that I can now run around, play with and dance to silly songs with my 19 month old son. I can actually keep up with him and we play so much more now.

I can't say enough how great this feels. I love looking and feeling more like "me" again. Here is a new photo comparison of me:

I think I look like a totally different person now - and I love it!!!


  1. You have really inspired me! I am going back on the diet tomorrow. I gave up due to a ton of stress in my life but things are better now. I hope I do as well as you!

  2. Awesome! Can't believe you lost 40 lbs so quickly! WOW!! Hope you are still doing well!!