Thursday, February 3, 2011

No brown rice sushi?!?

I looked forward to my sushi all week and was terribly disappointed today when I could not find a place to make it for me. I've seen it at Whole Foods but didn't have a chance to get over there today. It was a HUGE disappointment and put me in a bad mood.

However, I did get to eat some carbs today and actually ate oatmeal! I have tried before and have never been able to choke it down. I got Apple Cinnamon and it was not too bad... I could eat this! I also had brown rice with dinner. Not the same as white rice but it was still not bad. I feel more satisfied with these foods today - feeling like I was able to eat more was a good thing.

During cycle 2 you alternate the new foods days with cycle 1 days so tomorrow is a cycle 1 day for me. I still want my sushi and did post on the 17 day diet's facebook page about this. I was told a cheat such as that is fine every once in a while and to simply exercise more on the day I choose to do it and do not overindulge. So... I see some sushi in my future! Makes me happier than I was most of the day today :)

I took a whole body photo to compare to when I started... not totally happy with how I look but you can see I am making progress!!

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