Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cycle 1 comes to an end..

My official Cycle 1 weigh in will be tomorrow but as of this morning, I was at 206.4 which makes my loss an amazing 16.2 pounds in 16 days! I see myself everyday so it's hard for me to notice the change but I compared two photos of myself and was amazed to see how much thinner I look already!

What an amazing change in a mere 16 days! This diet has been hard but I am very proud of myself for sticking with it so far! I am excited for Cycle 2 and the introduction of more foods - hooray for variety! I will admit... chicken and turkey every day has been especially hard these past few days. I was QUITE bored with my food options.

I am seeing some other changes in myself. My clothes are bigger and I definitely have more energy. I am embracing all these fruits and veggies and healthy eating. I don't miss the bad things as much as I thought I would. I mean, I do miss them but it's not like an overwhelming desire to go out and eat a pizza, you know?

Tomorrow starts Cycle 2 and with that a treat! I have gone 17 days without sushi (no rice!) and I can get it with brown rice which is terrific! I have never, ever looked forward to a meal so much. It's going to be such a treat to be able to indulge in one of my favorite foods. I am so happy with my progress over these first 17 days - on to the next 17!

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