Wednesday, January 26, 2011

13 pounds gone in 9 days!

My loss today wasn't as good as other days but a .4 loss gave me 13 pounds even.

It is snowing here, fairly hardcore. Usually on snow in nights I curl up with a hot chocolate, a glass of wine or bake some sort of hot treat - cookies maybe? There is an open bottle of wine on my counter and it is so tempting to pour myself a little glass. I'll be honest, not sure if I'll make it the night without this temptation, I'll let you know tomorrow. The thought of seeing the scale go down even further is a lot of motivation though. I am a mere 1.6 pounds away from my short term goal. To be able to hit goal #1 in a day or two is HUGELY motivating. But... will it be motivating enough? Time will tell.

I bet a lot of you think I am like, superwoman with this diet. It's been hard and the temptations have been many. I am doing my best and have had a few little cheats here and there. I have been known to eat a rold gold pretzel or two in a day. It hasn't happened everyday but it's happened here and there. All I know is that one small cheat would satisfy a craving for me and allow me to continue my day without a problem. While I do not think everyone following such a drastic change in diet can do this... it's working for me because I do overindulge or pig out. It's easier than I thought to not just take the whole bag of pretzels and chow down.

Alright... well, hopefully I'll do well tonight and stay on track. In the meantime, check out the yummy dinner I made: ground turkey soup with tomato, pepper, onion and spinach. YUMMO

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