Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did well today - even eating out!

First thing's first... I met Steve for lunch with a co-worker of his and we went to Ruby Tuesday's. I was worried before meeting him - would I have to cheat today? Would I be able to avoid temptation?

The menu looked so good and I'll admit, I REALLY wanted a lot of what was on there. But, I am proud to say I stayed strong and got the salad bar! I only put things on there that were on plan and although there was no fat free salad dressing, I chose one of the low fat ones. Not as good but definitely better than the burger or chicken fingers I was eying. I won't lie... I DID take one bite of Donovan's chicken finger. One bite, it satisfied the craving that was there and I didn't want any more after that. I don't feel bad for doing it and I feel like it helped me stay on course and not do anything I would regret later on.

I actually really enjoyed that salad too! :)

My scale step today: down another 1.8 to make a total of 12.6 pounds gone in 8 days. AWESOME.

I can't believe I am doing so well with this! It feels good!

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