Saturday, January 22, 2011

Did well saying no to temptation today

I had a long day at work and had little time while there to eat or drink anything. Knowing this, I got up early made myself a terrific breakfast and packed a snack of tea, sodastream fizzy water and an apple. It was not easy getting up extra early (I am NOT a morning person) but it really did give me energy to face most of my time at work!

I worked a long time and was really very hungry when I left. I needed to make a quick stop at Target to get some yogurt and lettuce. There is a Target in the mall so I walked over there. I had to pass the pretzel place. It smelled SO GOOD. I really wanted to stop - what would one pretzel hurt? But no, I just kept walking by. While the temptation was there and it smelled delicious... it was not as hard as I thought it would be to just keep walking.

I ate my apple on my way home and once home I had another snack of yogurt and made a salad for lunch. I made a great dinner with ground turkey and have been drinking tea of some sort most of the evening. I feel good and have had no cravings like in past days. I think this MAY be getting easier!

The scale step today was not as good as past days but looking at the overall - still impressive! I was down another .4 pounds to make my total so far this week 8.8 pounds. I am now only about 5 pounds away from the weight I was with my first OBGYN appointment with Donovan. I am feeling good!

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