Friday, January 28, 2011

Met my short term weight loss goal today!

It feels SO GOOD to have made it to my first mini-goal! My first mini-goal was to make it to the weight I was at my very first OBGYN appointment when I was pregnant with my son (who is now almost 17 months old). I was 208 at that appointment and I met that goal this morning. 14.2 pounds are GONE from my body and that is amazing seeing as I am JUST starting Day 12 today. So that's 14.2 pounds gone in 11 days. AWESOME!
We are trying to get pregnant again and I wonder how much more I'll lose before then? My next mini-goal is to get to 199. It's been a while since my weight started with a 1 and it would be great to see that again!
If I will get there before a pregnancy or not - who knows. I am just happy that if I do get pregnant again soon, I am no worse off than I was when I was pregnant the first time... I am NOT starting at a higher weight and THAT feels good. The only difference will be that this time, there is NO WAY I'll be gaining 60 pounds in my pregnancy! Pregnancy is NOT an all out pass to eat everything you want. I learned my lesson the hard way there...

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