Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wanted a carb today, ANY carb

Yeah, only day two and I'll tell you... I wanted a carb like nothing else today. I gave my son a snack of goldfish crackers and man.... those things have never smelled so good! It was HARD. I said "One won't hurt anything, right?" I thought about it and REALLY wanted to give in and eat it. But I know, and I am sure you do too, that there is never such a thing as ONE cracker or ONE chip. It seemed like everywhere I looked in my kitchen there were foods I wanted. Bread, crackers, eggo's, pasta... all sorts of things. But, I stayed strong and stayed the course. After the first 17 days, on Cycle 2, I get to introduce more foods and even get to eat a few carbs again. I have never in my life been so excited to see brown rice on a list of foods to eat. I wonder if my favorite sushi place can make my rolls with brown rice? Oh I hope so! I don't think I can go without sushi from there again...

I stepped on the scale this morning, just out of curiosity. I was down 3 pounds to 219.6! 3 pounds in a day! I have had weeks where I haven't lost that much. Now, I know it was day one and an extreme eating change for me. I know that I won't see the scale move like that every day but man... THAT was encouraging! It made me feel so good about myself. AMAZING what a day can do. I have the habit if starting things and not finishing them... it's a BAD habit I think I've had my whole life. But, I really do think I can do this though and I really am ready. If I see weeks of good weight loss I KNOW it will keep me motivated and on plan. This diet says it WILL do that for me if I follow it. So... enough is enough... I am SO SICK of being overweight.

Because I know you are curious, today I ate:

greek yogurt
green tea

apple, tea

salad with leftover chicken (oil & vinegar)
green tea

blueberries, tea

ground turkey lettuce wrap with veggies - see photo!
green tea

I know this diet is good for me and I know there will be hard days and easy days. I know there will be days when I slip and I know there will be days when I follow this to a tee. The good thing is I am TRULY motivated. I WANT to lose weight and I know if I follow this, no matter how hard, I will. 17 days without a carb won't kill me - will it?

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