Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 2 of the book learnin :)

I am on Chapter 3 today but wanted to share my favorite exert from Chapter 2. In response to weighing in at the doctors office:
Not too many people like to weigh themselves. Doctors know this. After patients step on the scales, they think it is giving them the weight of a completely different person, like Hulk Hogan. Since we won't let them weigh naked, they tell us to subtract two pounds for their shoes, one pound for their jewelry and three pounds if it is after the big mac and fries they had for lunch. Some people strip off this stuff faster than a Lexus left on a city street at midnight and step on the scale again. But doctors' scales do not lie. Patients have to accept the truth. Their bodies, without consulting them, have been converting doughnuts, pizza and ice cream into fat.
How many people have been here? I always take my shoes off and then tell the nurse that my scale at home tells me I weigh less and that I must have on my "heavy jeans". I tell them to deduct a couple pounds and honestly... does that 2 pounds make a difference? NOPE. It's still a number higher than I want to see. No matter how many people tell me... well, you have an excuse, you have a baby! It's not a good excuse. Plenty of people have kids and get their figures back. It's my own fault I gained that much when pregnant anyway. Pregnancy should never have been an all out pass to eat ice cream everyday - was I REALLY craving it? NOPE. Did "the baby want it"? NOPE. It was my excuse to eat whatever I wanted "because I could" without thinking of the consequences. Now, it's 16 months later and while I have lost a lot of the weight I gained - I was no skinny minnie when I got pregnant so... I'm still fat.

I'll read Chapter 3 today and it explains Phase 1 of the plan. I may be ready to start this before Monday after all!

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