Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 1 down!

And my official weight loss for week 1 is... drum roll please...

10.8 pounds!!!

I feel so terrific about my progress this week. It's AMAZING to have lost close to 11 pounds in one week. I know this rate of loss won't continue but I am hoping for an average of a 1/2 pound a day from here on out. I am a mere 3.8 pounds away from my short term goal which was to be the same weight at my first OBGYN appointment with Donovan when I got pregnant again. At least that way I would not be starting at a higher weight with pregnancy number 2. I am not pregnant yet and I feel that this goal is very achievable before I do. It would be awesome to be even lighter at my first OBGYN appointment with OldenBean #2.

Obviously when I do become pregnant, I will no longer be following the 17 day diet. I will, however, try to stick to the main ideas of the diet and continue to eat healthy foods and a lot of vegetables and fruit. I want to keep my weight gain to a minimum the next time around - there is no way I want to gain another 60 pounds with a pregnancy!

Anyway, until that time comes I will be continuing on this journey. I am down 7 days and have 10 days left on Cycle 1. I am excited about being able to introduce some healthy carbs again... brown rice is calling my name!

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