Sunday, January 16, 2011

The diet starts tomorrow!

I have read and am ready for Cycle 1: Accelerate. I am ready to lose weight and actually try to lose it this time instead of, like, cheating and saying I'll do better tomorrow.

Cycle 1 is about protein and veggies for the most part and no carbs and no alcohol. It's going to be a LONG 17 days but I can do it... it's only 17 days and then I get to do something different for Cycle 2. And who knows... maybe I really will feel good and energized like the book says I will! That would be cool. Once I get to the last cycle, I get to reintroduce favorite foods and even have a drink a day. Actually I think I can start the drink a day in cycle 2... although I do not need a drink EVERY day. But, it will be nice to drink my wine club wine again.

This cycle is also asking me to REALLY think, not only about when I am hungry but when I am FULL. I tend to eat way too fast and I know that's why I overeat a lot. My favorite quote from that part of the book:
Hunger Meter
1. I'm a little hungry; my stomach feels as hollow as the promises of a politician.
2. I'm so hungry I could eat the lining of an empty Spam can...
Fullness Meter
3. I'm starting to feel full. I'll stop now so that I can save on my grocery bill.
4. I'm so stuffed I'll have to waddle over to the couch to collapse.
I have been at #4 more times than I'd like to admit in my life. I think it happens every single time we order sushi (which anyone who knows me knows that's a LOT). I also end up at #2 a lot as well. Especially now with Donovan in the picture. I tend to focus on him and his needs all day and then, all of the sudden it's 3 or 4pm and I am dying of hunger only to realize I have not had a single thing to eat ALL DAY.

I won't lie. This past week has been filled with junk food, ordering out and eating more than a couple cookies. I stepped on the scale this morning (the first time in about 2 weeks) and have gained 6 pounds! I know a lot is water weight but it's still weight! I am SO READY to see that scale go in the right direction. I do want to eat better and feel better.

I CAN do this.

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  1. Good Luck. I was going to look into this diet, but decided for now to just change bad habbits one little step at a time and do it on my own for now...I've done it before, we shall see...Can't wait to see how this works for you.